SD240GS 2-3hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain

SD240GS 2-3hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain - SD240GS_2-3HR

The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS™ 2-3hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain is a 3-hour rated UL Listed, Labeled, and Recognized GRAVITY FAIL SAFE deployable fire protective smoke curtain system composed of a glass- fiber fabric in a Panama weave, rolled on a round steel tube in a fire rated assembly. The curtain remains retracted above the finished ceiling by a low voltage system until activated by a fire alarm, smoke alarm or fusible link at which point it descends at 6 in/sec. and creates a smoke and fire barrier.

Technical Information:

  • 3 hours smoke and fire curtain.
  • A single or multi- roller assembly with a 0.05 in. thick galvanized steel head box with a minimum 5.9 in. x 5.9 in. with a maximum span up to 60 ft. and drop height of 45 ft.
  • A 24 V motor control circuit (MCC) housed the steel enclosure and mounted onto the motor end of the head box.
  • Removable fire rated cover plates incorporated to allow access to curtain rollers.
  • Optional hand liftable grab strap for manual egress per section 3.1.1. of ICC AC77.
  • Optional split curtain as a secondary mean of manual egress per section 3.1.2. of ICC AC77.
  • Egress switches on both side of curtain per ANSI section 3.2.5 of AC 77.
  • UL864, UL10D, UL1784.

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