SD60 Smoke Curtain®

SD60 Smoke Curtain - UL Listed, Labeled Gravity Fail Safe Curtain - SD60

The US Smoke & Fire – SD60 Smoke Curtain® is a UL Listed, Labeled, and Recognized GRAVITY FAIL SAFE deployable automatic smoke curtain that provides smoke protection for a variety of applications: multilevel atria smoke control, opening protective, smoke partitions.

Technical Information:

  • 1–2 hours smoke and fire curtain.
  • Manufactured from 1.2mm galvanized steel, curtain head box rated at same temperature as curtain.
  • Removable cover plates are incorporated to allow access to the curtain rollers.
  • Standard head box sizes are 150mm x 150mm for single rollers (maximum width 5.5m) and 250mm x 150mm for multiple rollers (over 5.5m wide). Larger headboxes may be required where the  curtain drop is in excess of 3m.
  • A motor control circuit (MCC) is housed in a steel enclosure and mounted onto the motor end of the head box.
  • Fail Safe Design with battery back-up standard, NOT Required for Gravity Fail Safe Deployment.

Product Downloads:

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