SD60GS Elevator Smoke Containment

SD60GS ICC AC 77 Elevator Smoke Containment - SD60GS_ICC_AC_77

U.S. Smoke & Fire is a supplier of the BLE SD60GS Smoke Containment system. UL10D, UL 1784 listed, labeled and Recognized Gravity Fail Safe (GFS) deployable fire protective smoke containment composed of glass fiber fabric with optional viewing panel.

Technical Information:

  • 1 Hour smoke & fire curtain (UL10D/UL1784)
  • Ble ICC ESR-3322 Legend Report 
  • Auxiliary Rail (side guides) can be Powder Coated, factory primed or cladded Stainless steel
  • Hand Liftable grab strap for manual egress
  • Viewing Panel for ASME A17.1 compliance
  • Optional Pass Through Slot as secondary means of manual egress

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