Preventative Maintenance Service
U.S. CARE® is a preventative maintenance program for all U.S. Smoke and Fire curtain systems.
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Preventative Maintenance Service

This annual service is offered to verify safety and compliance standards continue to be met, to test deployment for efficient and safe operation, and to ensure overall quality of materials and components meet U.S. Smoke and Fire standards.

Our 30-point electrical and mechanical service includes:

  • Check all fuses
  • Check back-up power supply
  • Check MCC supply in / out at GCP
  • Check MCC supply in / out at MCC
  • Check motor supply in / out at MCC out
  • Check line voltage supply in / out
  • Check transformed voltage & transformer
  • Check loop voltage for short degradation
  • Test brake loop (if applicable)
  • Test battery and low voltage disconnect
  • Check fire alarm contact closed link at a fire alarm
  • Check fire alarm relay
  • Test key switch contact to fire alarm circuit
  • Check delayed reset control
  • Check mains failure, all trouble lights & annunciator
  • Check (Blgd. Mgmt. System) BMS
  • Spray anti-static printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Spray PCB Board for dust collection
  • Test override & Test grounds
  • Check accessible wiring terminations
  • Grease all contacts
  • Lubricate side rails & housing check for obstruction
  • Adjust curtain fabric tabs and bottom bar
  • Inspect curtain fabric, push buttons, and bottom bars for damage
  • Apply fire coating as necessary
  • Cycle curtain system for efficient and safe operation per NFPA 3 guidelines
  • Video / photograph - Curtain drop test
  • Video / photograph - Curtain open
  • Video / photograph - Curtain deploy
  • Video / photograph - Curtain close

For more information about the U.S.CARE® preventative maintenance program, please call us today Ext 101.

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