A deployable gravity fail-safe steel and glass textile used for all opening protective applications for smoke and fire barriers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you assist architects and engineers to detail the curtains into a project?

Yes, we have architects in our office that work on various smoke curtain layouts and design concepts to best fit the architect's design intent. We work with the designers from conceptional design to construction drawings.

2. How long have you been involved with Curtain technology?

We are well into our second decade.

3. How does your pricing compare to other curtain companies?

No one comes close to us with our level of UL test reports. We provide a low price guarantee for our UL labeled smoke & fire curtain systems.

4. Is your system a deployable fire barrier?

Yes, the system can be used as an automatic or fixed fire barrier, smoke barrier, fire partition and smoke partition.

5. Do you furnish and install throughout the USA and Canada?

Yes, we furnish and install throughout North America and Central America. We have a vision for curtain technology across the globe now and into the future.

6. Are you able to egress from curtains deployed in cross corridor applications?

Yes, there are multiple methods of egress from emergency curtain up buttons, an optional two stage descent feature and pass through slots through the curtain overlap.

7. How much do curtains cost?

To be an innovation, you have to be priced fairly and competitively. Our curtain technology competes with other types of opening protectives in the same price ranges.

8. Why do architects and specifiers still specify the old curtains of the 1990’s that do not have a rating for fire in front of their elevators?

There is a general belief that elevator doors are fire rated so your curtain does not need to be. The truth is that because the elevator door is behind the curtain and the gap that the smoke curtain is to protect between the elevator door and frame is where hot gases, which can be over 1000 degrees F, could penetrate a curtain and create a smoke stack effect. Therefore a smoke curtain like ours that is rated up to 1800 degrees F makes the most sense to utilize.

9. Do smoke rated curtains cost less than curtains that are both smoke and fire rated?

Not from U.S. Smoke & Fire! The price is the same as we only sell curtains that have a fire rating.

10. Is an Intertek labeled curtain UL listed, labeled, classified Fire Protective Curtain like a U.S. Smoke & Fire Curtain? 

Go to the UL database by clicking here and in the search box type in the UL file number (ours is R26410).  If it says "Sorry, no match found," then the manufacturer is not UL listed.

11. Are gaps allowed for draft curtain corners?

Yes, manufacturers build draft curtains in sections and at the corners gaps are allowed no more than 2 inches.

Any other questions?

Please direct your technical support inquiries to: AEteam@ussmokeandfire.com

The UL trademark is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories.