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Smoke & Fire Curtain Applications in Elevators Play an Important Role

Curtain Technology can be effectively applied to protect an elevator opening from the threat of smoke and fire.

Our smoke curtains are deployed automatically, as directed by the applicable smoke detection and alarm system, or can also be manually deployed and retracted, as required. Curtains are available in a variety of elevator hoistway opening sizes and housing dimensions. Steel side rails are utilized, and compatible frames are provided that can be either painted to match in the field, or powder coated finish per your color standard.

In the event that the main power, backup generator, and fire alarm panel fail, the smoke curtains will operate independently and deploy in their fail safe mode.

The curtains do not interfere with elevator door operations but provide a smoke and draft control assembly for the fire-rated elevator. We at U.S. Smoke & Fire believe that all elevator systems in the United States are candidates for applying innovative smoke curtain technology.


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