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UMASS - Integrated Sciences Building


The University of Massachusetts’s state-of-the-art Integrated Sciences Building opened for classes in February 2009 and became the cornerstone of science education and research in the biological and biomedical sciences at UMass Amherst.

The $92 million building was designed by internationally respected and specialist high-technology architects Payette. The new facility encompasses 155,000 square feet and boasts laboratories, computer centers, a 300 seat auditorium, an 85 seat classroom, cafeteria and office space, plus an impressive atrium that spans all four floors.

The development is open, modern and flooded with natural lighting. It also features the very latest in building innovation and green technology: rainwater is reused, the heat exchanges and ventilation systems are super efficient, passive solar power is harnessed, and there is extensive use of materials like bamboo, which have great longevity and are eco-friendly.

So, when it came to designing the smoke extraction system the Fire Protection Engineers looked to Smoke & Fire to provide safety equipment that would satisfy the complex requirements of the building’s smoke and fire protection system.

In partnership with U.S. Smoke & Fire, BLE supplied and installed the UL-approved SD60 smoke curtain system tied into a Siemens control panel. This created a smoke and fire system that comfortably exceeded the National Fire Protection Association’s latest standard for smoke management systems in malls, atria and large spaces (NFPA92B).

The products supplied by BLE and U.S. Smoke & Fire impressed the UMass architects, engineers and fire officers because of their uncluttered yet highly effective design. Which, when fitted, did not detract from the simplicity and integrity of the building. For more information please download our Atrium Shield™ Application Note.

The UL trademark is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories.