Atrium Separation- The Max Plank Institute Jupiter, FL

Atrium Separation | The Max Plank Institute | US Smoke & Fire - 143014419905

In this project, there is a three-floor atrium that is categorized as a two-floor atrium with a communicating space separated by a one-hour fire protective curtain.

The two-floor rule applies, which is 404.5 exception 6 that no active smoke control  is required for a two-floor atrium. Fire Protection  Engineers with the authority having jurisdiction are able to remove all active smoke extraction systems since the curtain is UL certified (see UL On-Line Certification Directory) for one hour. The curtain deploys by gravity and maintains tenable conditions for the egress corridors during the evacuation sequence.


  1. Provide an extraction system- this is not gravity fail-safe. Is four times the cost of curtain technology and increases life cycle cost.
  2. Provide a Glass Block wall- not possible since it needs to be open for the monumental stairway in non-alert times.
  3. Fire Shutter- No space in floating ceiling for this. The curtain is a housing of 12 inches for a 30-foot drop height and weighs only 10 pounds a linear foot.

See Photo of our curtains in action below:

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