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Fire protective smoke curtains (File# R26410)
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US Smoke & Fire standards encompass our extensive life-safety research, scientific expertise and an uncompromising focus on our clients. With decades of experience and the development of our smoke and fire curtain technology, U.S. Smoke and Fire Corp. continues to break new ground in its mission to help create a safer, more sustainable buildings. Our breadth and proven history means we are a symbol of trust and reliability.

We advise and provide the expertise to navigate the complexities of smoke and fire management utilizing smoke curtain technology. Finally, we build, install and commission and become integrated into the intelligent building systems of the 21st century. The triumph of the technology is that it is light-weight, compact, nearly invisible, and competitively priced. It is UL labeled, listed and classified. Smoke Curtains decrease the ecological footprint of the project and lend themselves to the science of fire by mitigating the need for expansive mechanical make-up air and smoke extraction systems and further reduces the needs for dedicated make-up air supply.


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SD60 Smoke Curtain®
The US Smoke & Fire – SD60 Smoke Curtain® is a UL...
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SD60® Deployable Draft Curtain
U.S. Smoke & Fire... Deployable Draft Curtain Automatically...
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SD60® Fixed Fabric Draft Curtain
U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD60® – Fixed Fabric Draft...
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SD60GS ICC AC 77 Elevator Smoke Containment
The U.S. Smoke & Fire- SD60GS™ ICC AC 77 Elevator Smoke...
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SD60GS 1hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain with Slot
The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD60GS™ 1hr Fire Protective...
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SD240GS 2-3hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain
The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS™ 2-3hr Fire Protective...
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SD240GS 2-3 hr with Pass Through Slot
U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS™ 2-3 hr Fire...
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SD240GS 2-3 hr Horizontal Fire Protective Smoke Curtain
U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS™  2-3 hr Horizontal...
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SD240A 3 hr Accordion for Corner Conditions with Egress
The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240A™ 3 hr Accordion...
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