Fire Protective Smoke Curtains

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Smoke will seek the most rapid route of escape. In doing so, smoke can travel faster than a person can run. Our smoke curtains work with smoke extraction systems to provide a smoke escape mechanism. Curtains also retain the smoke at ceiling level and allow people to safely exit the premises.

The Key Features:

  • Deploy on Fire Alarm: Upon receipt of a fire signal the curtain will deploy, and our systems are designed to be integrated with your present fire alarm system.
  • Fail Safe Deployment: Many fires may result in the failure of electronic systems. In the event that the main power or backup generator fails, the smoke curtains will operate independently and deploy as directed by the alarm system. Should the alarm panel be compromised, the fail-safe design will still deploy the curtains.
  • Light, but Strong as Metal Fabric: The curtain fabric is fabricated in a proprietary manner to optimize performance and provide for an even surface and tight interlacing of the fabric edges. The tensile strength is ten times greater than other fabrics due to the constant thread tension.
  • Route to Reservoir for Easy Extraction: The curtains form smoke reservoirs that contain the smoke and route it to the extraction systems.

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SD60GS 1hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain with Egress
U.S. Smoke & Fire › Fire Protective Smoke Curtains › SD60GS...
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SD240GS 2-3 Hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain®
The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS 2-3 Hr Fire Protective Smoke...
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SD240GS 2-3hr Fire Protective Smoke Curtain® with Pass Through Slot
The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS 2-3 Hr Fire Protective Smoke...
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SD240GS 2-3 hr Horizontal Fire Protective Smoke Curtain®
U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240GS  2-3 Hr Horizontal...
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SD240A 3 Hr Accordion for Corner Conditions with Egress®
The U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD240A 3 Hr Accordion Fire...
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U.S. Smoke & Fire is a supplier of the BLE SD60GS Smoke...
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U.S. Smoke & Fire – SD60 Fixed Fabric Draft...
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U.S. Smoke & Fire... Deployable Draft Curtain Automatically Descends And Retracts Out Of View From The End User. The Competition... All Glass Draft Baffles Fixed In Place. Always Visible To The End...
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The US Smoke & Fire – SD60 Smoke Curtain® is a UL...
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Hose Stream 120®- 2 Hr Tested to UL10B Standard with Hose Stream Test
U.S. Smoke & Fire Hose Stream 120® Steel-tex Fire Shutter (SFS) is an opening protective in a 1 or 2-hour fire wall for up to  25% opening limit of a fire wall. The fire shutter meets the requirements of UL 10B...
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Dual Hose Stream 120® - 2 Hr Tested to ASTM E 119 with Hose Stream with Temperature Rise
  U.S. Smoke  & Fire Dual Hose Stream 120® is a movable firewall.  When  25% of the opening in a firewall is exceeded then an ASTM E119 (UL 263)  listed and labeled assembly is required in compliance...
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